Joey Eppard Live DVD (+ digital HD version)

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Joey Eppard Live  DVD  (+ digital HD version)

This is the definitive live performance in the solo career of Joey Eppard.
Though many have seen him on tour fronting the innovative rock band "3," few have had the chance to witness his formidable talents as a solo performer. This disc is a window into the world of a true musical mastermind and American songwriting treasure, a world, that until now, only the lucky locals and diehard fans have experienced live in concert.

The disc features 29 songs shot live in HD at Nevessa Studios in Woodstock, NY. Almost 2.5 hours of music!

Special guests include Chris "GartDrumm" Gartmann & Billy Riker from the band "3," as well as Jimmy Eppard, Robert "Chicken" Burke and Nowell Haskins.

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Blood Lust Tusks
All My Life
Soul To Sell
Been to the Future
Dogs of War
You Call me Baby
Endless Alibi
The Emerald Undertow
Trail of Tears
Paint by Number
The Game
Leaving After All
Lay Down the Law
I Can't
The End Is Begun
Helpless Belvedere
Word to the Wise
Tale Between the Legs
You've Been Shot
Shadow Play
Stranded in a Treetop
In America

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